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Community Changelogs are started by me, Can Taşan, a member of ReactOS community. Each time, before a release rolls out, I first write these changelogs in our forum and wait for corrections. If you want to use this, please credit our community.

Community Changelogs are available here from the 0.4.1 release.


Q: What is the purpose of these changelogs? There are already official changelogs available!

A: Up to the release 0.3.16, the official changelogs were long, technical and rather boring for the average user. From the release of 0.3.17 things have changed, now only bugfixes are listed from JIRA. This is disappointing! Also, I think official announcements lack some interesting things. Does ReactOS deserve this disappointment? NEVER!

To show important changes in ReactOS for end users, I decided to prepare changelogs like Wine and Haiku. They explain what they have done, point by point, and I leave happy. Now, with the Community Changelogs, improvement work gets noticed, major fixes (and sometimes apps that started to work) are mentioned, users are shown ReactOS is progressing nicely, devs gain morale... EVERYONE BENEFITS from this effort!

Q: Is it official, and correct?

A: It's unofficial. I prepare this voluntarily, and the community corrects my mistakes. This changelog is carefully prepared by looking at SVN commit history, and JIRA bugs.

Q: Can I/we use it?

A: Yes! You can also spread this to news sites, forums... and even your friends!

Q: How can I contribute?

A: Before placing any changelog into this Wiki, I write it first into our forum. If you notice any type of mistake (grammar, incorrect information, etc) or missing thing, just write it in a changelog topic, or send a PM to me.

Q: Who to credit?

A: The Community.

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