07 Jan 2007



Newsletter 15

On the status of 0.3.1

Many of you have asked about 0.3.1 since it was clearly promised for the time frame of late December-early January. There have been many queries about it in the chat rooms and forums. Well, the problem is actually rather simple. The developers have decided that releases should be made every month, or at an appropriate time where in trunk or a designated branch is reasonably usable and showcases the progress of the ReactOS project.

Currently the main development branch "trunk" even though it has many new features and bug fixes since 0.3.0, it currently has several issues that prevent it from being relatively useful. Furthermore functionality that once worked no longer does, this is called a regression. Until trunk has been reasonably fixed 0.3.1 will not be released. Be assured that the developers are working hard on fixing the current issues and bringing forth a good public release as soon as humanly possible.

Events on SVN

The SVN server was very active since the last newsletter; here are some highlights, in no particular order...

  • Alex Ionescu - fixed many devastating bugs in the kernel that caused many regressions.
  • Fireball - helped out resolving open bugs and updating some 3rd party libs/tools in ReactOS.
  • tretiakov - worked on loading keyboard layouts, and also helped out in with win32k/gdi.
  • Ged Murphy - worked on icons and several alpha blend issues, also on desk.cpl (Display Properties)
  • Erik kohl - also worked on desk.cpl control panel app.
  • mbosma - improved and updated the state of the Cache Manager branch and synced some components in trunk. And also worked on the Download! app
  • janderwald - fixed some issues with the msvc backend of rbuild and improved error checking of some kernel mode drivers.
  • arty - committed many things to the PPC branch, some build tools now available in svn, HAL stub, and important freeldr and ntoskrnl syncs from trunk.
  • Greatlord - committed some experimental work on a tool that would translate binaries from one architecture to another.
  • hpoussin - worked on code compatibility for non x86 Architectures and other code correctness.

More News

  • ReactOS Foundation is raising funds! Time to take out your wallets and really show your support for the project.
  • New ReactOS developer, Timo Kreuzer, IRC nick: Physicus, SVN nick: tkreuzer. His first commit was for Win32k, but has several patches to his name.
  • ReactOS Build Enviroment 0.3.4 for Windows is now available, including several bug fixes and Vista support.
  • According to arty he has managed to compile 60% of drivers and 30% of apps for PPC, he is currently working on a HAL for PPC.
  • Greatlord is working on a experimental tool that in theory would translate a binary compiled for foo architecture and translate it to bar architecture, this might be useful for running X86 apps in the future PPC ReactOS.
  • ReactOS web translation service undergoing beta testing and final bug fixes, It will allow myReactOS members to translate ReactOS into different languages without touching RC files.

    Bugzilla Activity

    I've wanted to talk about bugs in my newsletters since the beginning, but due to several issues and inconveniences I have not been able to do so. This will be the first such report and it will summary activity since December 28, 2006(last newsletter) and today (January 7, 2007).

    • A total of 61 Bugs where active, 26 where closed (24 marked fixed, 1 marked won't fix, 1 marked works for me).
    • The remaining 33 are new bugs, and 2 reopened.
    • Oldest bug fixed was number 511, freetype cache implementation.
    • There where 27 bugs about text translations and corrections, 18 Fixed.
    • 5 UI bugs where reported.
    • 2 bugs related to partitioning, both fixed.
    • 2 bugs about task manager.
    • 2 bugs about compiler warnings.
    • and other bugs related to kernel, win32k, ntdll, drivers and booting.

    For more information refer to bugzilla, if you know how to fix a bug please provide a patch. :-)

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