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Download ReactOS 0.3.14-REL

The ReactOS software includes binary and source distributions of the latest ReactOS. This includes the kernel, various subsystems and some basic applications.
For installation instructions see the Installation guide and corresponding Wiki article.

ReactOS booklet cover

End-user packages

Installation CD

With the Installation CD, you can install ReactOS on a computer.
The CD image contains a Debug Build of ReactOS including the Kernel Debugger KDBG.

Live CD

The Live CD lets you try ReactOS without installing it on your hard drive.

Preloaded with QEMU

This download includes the current version of ReactOS preinstalled on a QEMU virtual machine. A Windows version of QEMU is also bundled, so you can easily check out ReactOS.

Preloaded on a VMware virtual machine

This package contains a VMware virtual machine with a preinstalled version of ReactOS.

Preloaded on a Virtual Box virtual machine

This package contains a Virtual Box virtual machine with a preinstalled version of ReactOS.

CD Booklet (for version 0.3.1) - PNG

CD Booklet (for version 0.3.1) - PDF
ReactOS CD/DVD booklet cover, available in PNG and PDF format.


Please bear in mind that ReactOS 0.3.14 is still in alpha stage and is not recommended for everyday use.

Developer packages

Source Code

This package contains the whole source code of this ReactOS version.


For a complete listing of downloads visit the project's SourceForge download page.
If you have problems accessing, you can also try our Download Mirror.

Related Documentation: Changelogs
Recommended Compiler: ReactOS Build Environment


Sometimes its not possible or feasible to run ReactOS on real hardware. Emulators are software programs that enable you to run ReactOS in a virtual machine on your existing operating system.

QEMU: QEMU website
VirtualBox: VirtualBox website
VMware: VMware website

Trunk Builds

Get Trunk Builds (ISO files of each revision)

ReactOS is a registered trademark or a trademark of ReactOS Foundation in the United States and other countries.